Greenhouses, orangeries

Winter garden or glass greenhouse is the most suitable place for rest, relaxation, where you can enjoy the beauty of nature at any time, regardless of weather changes.

Highly qualified designers of our company will design the project at the stage of CM, CMD, taking into account all your wishes and the characteristics of the design of glass structures.

The use of stainless steel and steel galvanized profile (with subsequent painting), capable of withstanding heavy loads, will allow to make a winter garden on a large area without sub base constructions! To the most demanding customers, we offer winter gardens (greenhouses) of gilded, brass or bronze profile and glass.

From a technical point of view, the basis of the winter garden (greenhouse) project is the solution to the problem of insulation in winter and protection from overheating in summer.

We offer all types of glazing, calculating optimal characteristics for each surface, and as a consequence, various types of coatings: light reflecting, low emission or double glazed units with heating. As an option the curved (bent) double glazing could be used.

In Russia's climatic conditions double glazing with electric heating are indispensable during horizontal glazing of winter garden. Calculated snow load in accordance with regulations is more than 200 kg / m 2 which makes it almost impossible to use conventional glass roof. Heat sensor mounted on the surface of IGU with electrical heating maintains set temperature on its surface and snowflakes evaporate, not reaching it.

Current-conducting coating practically does not reduce the coefficient of light transmission, in addition, the system is equipped with an electronic device allowing to heat large surfaces in the so-called fan mode. This allows to use electricity efficiently.

On the other hand the use of double-glazing with electric heating that ensures the leveling of internal glass surface temperature and the temperature inside the building, excluding the possibility of «cold breath window» - air flow generated as a result of contact of warm air with the cold surface. And thus solves the problem of creation of comfortable conditions in the window zone.

Very often, when designing greenhouses of complex forms «STACO INOX» specialists use curved (bent) IGU of various types:

  • ordinary glass (max 7000 x 2900 mm)
  • triplex (max 6000 x 2500 mm)
  • toughened glass (max 3300 x 2200 mm)
  • lenses (up to 2100mm)

The use of such double glazed units in the frame of stainless steel, steel, bronze or brass profile gives our company the opportunity to be above the competition!