Stainless steel roller shutters

Do you know that ordinary aluminium shutters can be easily broken out with a usual tool, e.g., a small tire lever or strong screwdriver? Moreover, aluminium is easily deformed, so under the outer influence dents and scratches remain on the roller shutters surface.

The company «STACO INOX» presents protective bullet-proof shutters and roller shutters made of stainless steel and produced in Germany.

Roller shutters are manufactured from a high-quality sheet stainless steel. The inner compartment of each plate is filled with a special tar which provides high reliability and resistance to mechanical impact. The plate surface of stainless steel is grinded that gives it attractive, expensive and prestigious outlook. Roller shutters could be automatically controlled.

Roller shutters are proved and certified according to the WK3 protection class requirements by the specialised German institute in Rosenheim.

Standard plate size - 9,5х37 mm и 14х53 mm

Each second plate is rigged with a double latch preventing the panel from breaking or tearing out of guiding. Filling: special hard tar. The plate surface is made of high-quality stainless sheet steel.

Possible types of plate surfaces:

  • Grinded,
  • Polished,
  • Nickel-plated,
  • Chrome-plated,
  • Gold-plated.

Other characteristics:

  • Protection of the shaft (steel screwed to the frame).
  • Shaft (8 faces, solid steel 16 mm thick).
  • Lock device for fixation of the lower guides.
  • The lower guide is made from solid, stamped aluminum, with rubber seals.
  • Electric motor, 220 V, with the electromagnetic brake and 3 speeds of lifting / lowering of panel.
  • Frame is made from stainless steel.