Windows, doors and entrance groups

Since 2000, the company «STACO INOX» has manufactured and assembled for their clients hundreds of unique windows, front doors, elite entrance groups. The special feature of «STACO INOX» windows and front doors is the use of not widespread today in Russia materials: stainless steel, bronze, brass, gold plated profile, double-glazed windows of large size. Wooden windows and doors do not have analogs at all!

Depending on the material we offer the following types of windows and doors:

  • Windows and doors from non rusting profile and glass
    Glass entrance groups in a frame of a non rusting profile are rightfully called elite entrance groups. Genuine shine of stainless steel, incredible strength characteristics of a non rusting profile allow to make facade doors and stained-glass of high class using double-glazed units of large sizes (2000х4000 mm).
  • «STACO INOX» Fireproof doors of «STACO INOX»
    Externally our fireproof doors are identical to ordinary ones - a glass or stainless steel panel in a frame of stainless profile. The possible area of glazing is up to 85%. Fireproof doors as well as all fire-resistant constructions of «STACO INOX» have a Russian certificate of fire safety and comply with fire resistance class EI-60.
  • Windows and doors of brass, bronze, gold-plated profile and glass
    Entrance groups made of artificially aged or grinded brass, bronze and glass in the best way to emphasize house owner’s refined taste.
  • Wooden windows and doors
    We offer to our customers windows and doors made of fine wood produced by the best German companies that are profitably notable for their ruggedness and genuine German quality. Such a door or window will faultlessly serve many generations.
  • Lamella windows
    Facades with lamella windows are still rare in Russia, while in Europe they are widespread. Such windows usage insures optimal ventilation provision in premises with large area of glazing.

Our company will manufacture and install various types of door opening:

When installing the entrance or front door it is worth to think about removing the street dirt, which is brought to the premises by the people on the soles of their shoes. Company «STACO INOX» is ready to offer a device for cleaning the soles..