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Structural glazing on the basis of “spider system”

The company «STACO INOX» presents the latest achievement in the design of translucent constructions - structural facades with a point fixing of double-glazed windows that allows to create perfectly-smooth surface of glass.

The obvious aesthetic superiority of the structural glazing is completed by indisputable advantage of technologically advanced: impact on the construction of an aggressive external environment is reduced to zero, as with the external environment only glass and silicone sealant are in contact, which is especially important in large cities with complex environmental situation.

In addition, the company «STACO INOX» offers a new system of frameless glazing, which allows to create a stainless steel frame using special cables and pipes and fix the glazing using point fixing.

In the design of point fixed double-glazed facades, we propose the use of transparent bracing made of transparent triplex. For the glazing of construction, depending on the size, we offer toughened glass (that passed the HST test), or triplex with toughened glass.

For structural glazing facade we also offer a warm system of the Austrian company «GLASS MARTE». Glass used in the manufacture of point fixed double-glazed units, receives special treatment «HEATSOAKTEST» to relieve the stresses that inevitably arises in the process of toughening. External glass, used in double glazing - triplex 16mm, the two panes of which were toughened and passed HST, inner glass - 10mm toughened glass with a solid low-emission coating, that improves the rate of resistance to heat, which is especially important during the winter. Glass panes have polished edges with a facet taken off that also allows to avoid additional stress. A special holder passes through the double glazing on one side, ending by a flat washer (50mm diameter), and on the other side by the steel bolt to fix to a «spider». The holder is not a bridge for a cold, representing a «know-how» of «GLASS MARTE» », and comes fully assembled with glazing. When using glass units of large size it is essential that the holder rigidly connects both panes and is not built in into the inner glass, because external one could be destroyed due to its own weight.