Fireproof non rusting doors and stained glass

Externally our fireproof doors are identical to ordinary ones - a glass or stainless steel panel in a frame of stainless profile. The possible area of glazing is up to 85%.

Fireproof profile

Fireproof doors and stained-glass are made of a profile system FERRO-WICSTYLE 65 FP 60min from stainless steel*, which has a limit of 60 minutes fire resistance. Unlike other manufacturers, the internal chambers of our profile are filled with a special material - heat-resistant plates, which impede heating of the construction surface above the critical temperature and distribution of heat inside the premises.

* Alternatively, you can use galvanized steel profile, painted in color on a RAL scale.

Note: When selecting the manufacturer of fireproof designs be sure to ask whether there is a profile of special aggregates of plate-heat-resistant material! Certificates for the construction of the «cool» profile (ie, without internal aggregates) in the near future may become null and void!

Fireproof glass

As a filling for the light openings, we propose to use a special fireproof glass EI 60, thickness 22-29mm. It is a multi-layer composition of silicate glasses that are interconnected by a gel, which is at a temperature of 150 - 200 ° C churn and forms a protective layer, preventing further spread of fire.

The composition of the fireproof glass may include different types of toughened sheet glass, such as:

  • Heat-saving K-glass
  • Tinted in the mass glass
  • Sun reflecting glass
  • Laminated glass
  • Glass with sandblasting

Fire doors, the company «STACO INOX» are certified and conform to fire safety requirements set out in the SNIP 21-01-97.