Domes, pyramids, skylights

Skylights and roof elements of a variety of shapes, sizes and ways of opening have recently become quite popular among our customers:

  • Translucent dome of the self-profile steel ø 7,5 m (max ø 10 m) with curved in two planes IGU without sub base construction. Capable of withstanding quite strong wind and snow loads, bigger as required by State Building Norms (SNIP).
  • Dome constructions are designed both with the use of bent steel components that provide the perfectly-smooth natural forms and several straight planes - segmented.
  • An original idea for a winter garden, penthouse or cottage is a translucent skylight with open leafs. Weight of each leaf can reach up to 1600kg. The maximum size of skylight base – 5000x8000mm.
  • An opening element of the roof made of galvanized steel profiles with a hydraulic drive, allowing to open leaf in the vertical direction. The maximum possible size of the leaf – 5000x3000mm.
  • Movable horizontal arch skylight made from glass and steel with the drive, allowing the entire structure to shift to the side, thus providing a large light space, which is especially important during the summer. Side parts made in the form of polygons. Size of the base is 5000x8000mm.

Proposed for this constructions profile system FERRO-WIC has a higher load capacity and stiffness. Withstands high static pressure (2,5 times more than the equivalent in aluminum). It is through the use of that steel profile, we are able to design the skylights without the use of bulky sub base constructions from black metal, and thereby architectural integrity of the project stays intact.

Translucent skylights and domes can also be made of gold plated, brass or bronze profiles.