Cleaning of stainless steel surfaces

Most likely you have not once encountered a problem of scale on the stainless steel. This is not rust; it is a layer of chromium oxide which is formed by the interaction with atmospheric oxygen. Oxide formed on the steel prevents oxidation to produce the usual rust.

We offer the NEWEST SERIES of products manufactured by "PELOX" for cleaning, protecting and caring for stainless steel.


  • suitable for all types of stainless steel;
  • removes oils, fats, graphite;
  • provides a rapid impact on the processing zone;
  • dries quickly;
  • leftovers of the cleaning stuff are easily removed with water;
  • ecologically clean product;
  • does not release toxic gases, toxic substances;
  • this product can be used without restrictions in all industries.

We do not only offer "PELOX" products but we are also ready to remove scale from your stainless steel products and designs in the shortest time.