Lamellar windows

Facades with lamella windows are still rare in Russia, while in Europe they are widespread. Such windows usage insures optimal ventilation provision in premises with large area of glazing.

It is very important that lamella windows could be installed into any façade system with the help of special adapters.


Construction is made from aluminium profile of warm range and painted in any colour according to the RAL scale.

Double glazing units instalment (up to 28 mm wide) is performed only at the factory. Special glass that provide resistance coefficient of heat transfer up to 0,85 m2 x°С/W is used in double glazed units.

Ways of opening:

  • mechanical drive
  • electric motor (230 V/ 24 V)
  • distant control


Standard height of a lamella – 200 mm (other sizes are possible – from 178 to 250 mm)

Standard width of a lamella – 1200 mm (possible width – up to 1600 mm, while maximum height is 1800 mm)