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Pendulum doors

The company «STACO INOX» is a manufacturer of swinging doors constructed with option of door opening on both sides. Basically, the system is installed in places with a high passage capacity.

For example, pendulum doors of «STACO INOX» are successfully used at the stations of the Moscow metro.

This door type is also ideally suited for restaurant’s kitchens, hotels and medical facilities, as one can open the door in any direction during the movement.

In order to see the person who is on the other side of the door, the different glass may be used as the filling, insulating glass, acrylic of thickness from 6 to 24mm. We also offer as a filling the sandwich panels made of stainless steel or other materials with embedded survey windows of round, oval or square shapes.

Pendulum doors can be manufactured with one ore two panels. The total maximum weight of leaf is 90kg. This type of door is fitted with floor springs DORMA BTS 75 or BTS 80, which are mounted in the floor, as well as the handles of stainless steel produced by German company «FSB» (Germany). This type of the door is not the subject to the requirements for heat protection. In the closed position, the protection from air penetration is provided by brush seal around the perimeter of the leaf.