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Swinging facade doors

Despite the growing popularity of automatic revolving, radial, and sliding doors, in some cases, one can not do without swinging door. It is believed that they are easier to service, safer, cheaper and more reliable.

Company «STACO INOX» will manufacture and install for you swinging door from glass in a frame of galvanized steel, painted aluminum or stainless, brass, bronze profile. The unique look of the construction is due to the steel profile systems, copper coated, as well as frames made of polished brass or stainless steel.

Maximum size of univalve door - 2000 x 3500 mm.

Swinging doors can be performed both "warm" and "cold" variant, as fireproof and armored, depending on their functional purpose and the wishes of the customer. Door image printed on the glass by serigraphy or sandblasting adds some kind of uniqueness to the door.