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The observation platform, which will be located at the bridge crossing the river at the Moscow Krasnopresnenskaya line of MKAD to Marshal Zhukov, a measure ordered by the city of Moscow must be open to the public in late 2007. At this time, the company "STACO INOX" a project of fencing glass constructions.
Primary structure is a metal base, the elements of which are enshrined enclosing translucent structures in the form of an ellipse. Metal base of the observation platform implemented as a combination of frames, farms, and bent pipes, made from standard metal grades (channel, dvutavry, rectangular pipes of iron or steel). The area of glazing is 2 200m2. Approximate weight of translucent frame structures is 270tonn.
Attaching double-glazed windows are invited to make a system of galvanized steel profile "FERRO-WIC" warm facade series.
Steel profiles are a number of advantages compared with other systems, for example, with aluminum:
- Increased load capacity and stiffness of structures. Withstand high static pressures (in 2,8 times more than the equivalent in aluminum), can create large light gaps, and increase insulation space, as well as use in the design of insulating glass weighing over 240kg with standard solutions without the use of anchorages podkonstruktsy of black metal.
- Low thermal conductivity. The coefficient of heat transfer resistance for various types of steel structures with glazing is 0.77 kv.m.0S/Vt. Thermal expansion of steel profile in about 2 times less than aluminum, which reduces assembly gaps.
- Virtually unlimited service life.
- High corrosion resistance. Depends on the finest passive layer of chromium oxide that is formed on the surface of the product.
- Possibility of surface treatment. Profiles can be sanded.
As a light-filled openings planned use glazing with electric heating, the dynamic load to 680kg/kv. m.