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Area (Sq. meters): 950

Sophisticated enough to work on the facade glazing boutique in Sochi have been successfully completed in late October 2006. specialists "STACO INOX". This facility was first used a unique system SUSPENSION glass panels for cladding facades. In accordance with the idea architect of the external facade of the building must be completely glass, no anchorage glasses should not be seen.
Another feature of the facade were specially made for this glass.
Formula glass designed in such a way that, despite the characteristic of Sochi hot sunny weather virtually no black glass is heated, which ensures the safety of the construction and preservation of the internal microclimate of the premises.
In addition to glass facades of our experts were also working on the design, manufacture and installation of staircases, handrails, atrium and door glass and steel up to 3000mm Biased axial center (in accordance with the idea of the architect).