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Automatic doors (revolving, sliding)

Revolving door

Irrational style is not always mechanistic - it could be a deep shade of individuality and organically combined with the overall concept of the building. Doors, working on the principle of «always open - always closed» - one of the most popular in modern architecture systems.

Options available:

  • painted aluminum profile
  • stainless steel profile
  • without frame

Number of leaves:

  • three
  • four

Revolving door - it is not only exceptional aesthetic quality, but also a number of functional attributes.

The possibilities of manufacturing:

  • with internal showcase or without automatic or mechanical drive
  • with emergency braking and safety system
  • with built-sliding or hinged doors

Major manufacturers of automatic drives: TORMAX, KABA, BLASI.

The obvious economic benefits of integrated solutions of installing revolving doors in a single company becomes an undeniable advantage when ordering a framing of the facade in stainless steel (or aluminum) and the escape doors on the sides of the main - revolving.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors with automatic transmission from such manufacturers as TORMAX, BOON EDAM and BLAZI is a guarantee of a high level of comfort, safety, reliability and durability. Noise-free movement, an exceptional smoothness of the course, two levels of security, easy maintenance, does not require time.

Sliding doors of various types, except for «accordion», work on a pattern: moving leaf (or leafs) is shifted relative to another mobile or fixed tire fixed on the guide.

Type of opening:

  • Sliding
    Leafs are set in different racer and freely moved relative to each other.Owing to the low heat-shielding properties it is recommended as a glazing in the not heated spaces (balcony, loggia)
  • Lift and sliding
    Made of warm types of profiles (wood, aluminum) with fittings Siegenia type HS or HSK PORTAL. Requires no opening part, for which the leaf slides. Low threshold that does not protrude from the floor level is the system advantage but at the same time it is their main weakness, because in cold winters the threshold could freeze and ice up.
  • Parallel sliding
    The doors of this type of opening made of «warm» types of profiles and accessories of Siegenia type RSK PORTAL, maximum satisfy our climatic conditions. Leaf can be opened in a folding position (ventilation mode), or slide. A high threshold (about 50mm) can be attributed to the shortcomings of the system, but its presence is making such a door really warm, it does not freeze through and perfectly preserve warmth in winter.